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04 April 2010 @ 05:59 pm
So! Haven't posted in a while! Heavens a lot has changed! I have my last two university interviews next week (eep!) then I have to decide where I want to go, apply for moneys, accomodation and all that. More importantly (or should I say what is still hanging on my mind right now) it was the first episode of the Moffat Doctor Who era yesterday! (I also went for my first pub crawl, but we'll leave that alone for now)... And (dare I say it!) I'm already thinking I'm gonna like Matt just as much as David (and possibly a little bit more!). Gosh, if my best friend Laura saw this she'd actually kill me! Goodness - the first episode started off brilliantly - like a slow-burning character based TV Drama (which, by the way, is my favourite kind) before turning into a slightly mental running around yelling lots of things typical WHO episode (which is fine I suppose), but I think WHO works best when its (dare I say again) more 'simple' (which is what made 'Blink' such an awesome episode - it wasn't overly complicated, and there wasn't oodles of sci-fi blah-blah and running around). SO! Can't wait to see the rest of the series (and it's going to be odd watching it for the next few Saturdays - since I've got used to it being more spaced out during the year etc.) I do DEFINATELY love the 'new' feeling to the series though. I watched it with six friends and three members of my family (we were all shoved into our living room - I don't know how we managed it!) and it was so much fun with everyone squeaking at the same moments. The bit I will remember most is when the new TARDIS was revealed ('retro-tech' as I like to call it) and we see the new sonic screw driver. About three of us at the same time said: "It's green!!!" which was quite funny. Yay for Saturday TV drama fun time!
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