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02 May 2010 @ 02:50 pm
Hi guys! I'm just posting a Doctor Who series five theory dump before I forget (and so, later, I can see if any of them came true!):

River kills the Doctor (because she has to/is forced to) - possibly his final regeneration - which is when he tells her his real name (since in one of the Library episodes Ten said something like: 'You know my name. There's only one time I'd tell someone that'). River ends up as the Doctor's wife.

Amy is a strange event - possibly an alien. Her child will be important later on (but who's the daddy?). The crack is 'following' her - to see if she's safe? to try and erase her? is anyone from 'the other side' trying to reach her? Will we find anything out about her parents - or has that been wiped from her memory too?

In the vampire episode (next week!) the Doctor takes Amy and her fiance to Venice for a romantic holiday (to try and make them a more lovey-dovey couple so that they do actually get married), BUT he takes them to the wrong time. Amy and her fiance do get closer, BUT (and it's a biggie) the Doctor takes them back to their present time AFTER their wedding, which means they miss it (which is why Amy ends up hating the Doctor so much).

The Cybermen are going to be in the final - they could be behind the crack business and/or the fact that things are being forgotten - i.e. if people forget the Daleks it will seem like the Cybermen are the supreme aliens. (Also I swear I keep seeing the Cybermen logo popping up - it was in Flesh and Stone somewhere...)

The 'Pandorical' instantly made me think of Pandoras box - but that seems way too literal for DW, so maybe it's a space ship? a crack in time? the TARDIS? I dunno, this is all VERY wild speculation, but it's great fun!

Does the Doctor love Amy in anyway? What makes her special? (there's been lots of kissy-forehead business!).
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04 April 2010 @ 05:59 pm
So! Haven't posted in a while! Heavens a lot has changed! I have my last two university interviews next week (eep!) then I have to decide where I want to go, apply for moneys, accomodation and all that. More importantly (or should I say what is still hanging on my mind right now) it was the first episode of the Moffat Doctor Who era yesterday! (I also went for my first pub crawl, but we'll leave that alone for now)... And (dare I say it!) I'm already thinking I'm gonna like Matt just as much as David (and possibly a little bit more!). Gosh, if my best friend Laura saw this she'd actually kill me! Goodness - the first episode started off brilliantly - like a slow-burning character based TV Drama (which, by the way, is my favourite kind) before turning into a slightly mental running around yelling lots of things typical WHO episode (which is fine I suppose), but I think WHO works best when its (dare I say again) more 'simple' (which is what made 'Blink' such an awesome episode - it wasn't overly complicated, and there wasn't oodles of sci-fi blah-blah and running around). SO! Can't wait to see the rest of the series (and it's going to be odd watching it for the next few Saturdays - since I've got used to it being more spaced out during the year etc.) I do DEFINATELY love the 'new' feeling to the series though. I watched it with six friends and three members of my family (we were all shoved into our living room - I don't know how we managed it!) and it was so much fun with everyone squeaking at the same moments. The bit I will remember most is when the new TARDIS was revealed ('retro-tech' as I like to call it) and we see the new sonic screw driver. About three of us at the same time said: "It's green!!!" which was quite funny. Yay for Saturday TV drama fun time!
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28 December 2009 @ 08:10 pm
Right now I wish I hadn't deleted all the Doctor Who footage I'd ripped from DVDs (yes - I'm a melon I know!). Trouble is there isn't enough room on my external hard drive for anime footage AND Doctor Who episodes. My laptop hard drive is also stuffed, so I can't put stuff there. I suppose I could do a silly thing of having two external drives - one marked 'Anime' and the other 'Doctor Who' XD.

I really want to do some editing! But this holiday is amazingly busy...

University interviews next month AND we're meant to be filming our documentary... sigh...

CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY: DOCTOR WHO - Tennant's last OMGgijsxldslg! I've never speculated so much about what is going to happen before. I haven't gone hunting for spoilers though (though I have heard rumours etc and accidentally looked at two filming photographs which gave A LOT away - but I still don't know what's going to happen exactly). Most people on the internets didn't seem to like End of Time part one, and although I do think it was hard to keep track of (with lots of different sub plots etc.) I did like it - very exciting! I'm DEFINATELY going to cry - quite possibly as much as Doomsday, as long as RTD doesn't anger me like he did with the series four ending (which I didn't cry at - I was too annoyed at what happened with Rose/Doctor2 - as in, the fact that Rose chose him instead of the realDoc).

Anyway! Series four ending rantage aside, I really want another weeks holiday!
Hope you all enjoy WHO on friday!!
P.S - I might even do a 'reaction' video. That's be fun - probably just me with a wet and red face, still in a state of shock/horror/anger/depression etc. :P
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01 December 2009 @ 07:56 pm
Dear goodness me. I've just finished watching the Nana anime. I've never seen an anime like it! At the start you think to yourself 'What a cute show! It's romantic and sweet - I love it!' but after a while, after a few things have been shoved in your face, you suddenly realise 'oh. dear. goodness. This is what this show is like now?!'. Honestly, I've never seen something that could change direction so quickly! I want my faith in life and love back! And the annoying thing is that there isn't a second series (of the anime) and the manga is on haitus!

Honestly, there's sometimes just no justice in the anime world...
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25 November 2009 @ 04:37 pm
Hi there! I've (finally) got round to creating a fanfiction account which can be found HERE A big thanks to my friend Sarah for relighting my ff flame!

The response I've had from it has suprised me - people seem to quite like my stories and writing! It has inspired me greatly, and I've partly staring writing again (since I used to do it quite frequently, even if most of my ideas are still unfinished and unpolished!).

I'm SO near finishing my University application - I just have to finalise my list of five (since I'm debating applying to places I haven't had a chance to visit - wish me luck!).

I want this academic year to end, but then I don't, because everything will be so different. I'll not only be leaving my friends, but my family too. I'm trying not to think about. I'll still contribute to online fandom communities though!

Give me a prayer if you can (or want to)
Stuffs a happenin (as usual) but quite big stuff this time (since it'll effect the rest of my life!!)

P.P.S soon be christmas...
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08 September 2009 @ 05:16 pm
New term. New school year (though it's my last EVER year). EEp! Gosh I've only been back two days and I'm already knackered. Our new timetable SERIOUSLY sucks. It completely messes things up and is completely pointless. GAH!. Although, this month is going to be... interesting. :P

On Friday - Going to a uni open day
On Saturday - Going to London to see Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
On Sunday after - my 18th bithday!!!!

I expect presents... lol
Sallychan xxx
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04 August 2009 @ 07:50 pm
It scares me how quick I get through anime these days. I've just finished watching Gankutsuou - The Count of Monte Cristo (based on the book 'The Count of Monte Cristo'). Having not read the book, though I want to now I've seen the anime, I couldn't tell if you it's faithful adaption or not (though I doubt in the book there was a weird dark demon type thing by the name of Gankutsuou). I'll do what I did with Mononoke - review it in sections (while trying to be as spoiler free as possible):

Art style - TEXTURES IS GOOD. When I first watched it I though: 'Ugh. Clashing colours everywhere' but after a while you get used to it and expect every other anime to be styled in the same way. Animation was nice, character design simple but again, eye pleasing. The only thing I'll niggle at though was the CG - I don't mind CG mixed with 2D animation if it's disguised well or if it's an effect (like magic sparkles or something) but I HATE it when its just so.. blatant, when they don't even try to disguise the fact that it was created entirely using a computer - I just think it looks horrible.

Music - Nice enough. Liked the ending theme more so than the beginning (both songs are in english). Lots of dramatic orchestral stuff which was very goose-bumpy in parts (like with most anime I watch I've downloaded the soundtrack). Albert's piano theme is really nice.

Story - VERY angsty in parts. I found it very twisty and mysterious (which is often missing from most anime) and the ending didn't happen like I expected (thank goodness - I thought everyone was going to die). The only bit I thought that didn't mix with the rest of the show was the giant armour/mecha fights. A death of a certain character made me cry, and yeah... A hard plot to describe without giving LOADS away really. So I'll shut up. I was a lil bit dissapointed at the end though - gah - sometimes I worry about the Japanese I really do. They never give you the endings you want.

Overall: Nice acting, animation, music, story etc. Anyone looking for an anime with, again unusual art style and twisty turny plot and ANGST will love this. And the ending isn't a death fest. Yay.

Video(s) of London Film and Comic Con can be found at tehflyingpigs youtube channel.
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19 July 2009 @ 11:25 am
So - hi guys! Yet ANOTHER random jurnal. My weekend has been mental! On Friday it was the last day of school (YAHOO!) so after school was done we went to macdonalds for lunch etc. Then we went to the Birmingham iMax to see Harry Potter (for those who don't what iMax is, it's a MASSIVE cinema screen (the biggest in the world) with high quality sound). The beginning of the film had been filmed in 3D exclusively for iMax - it was AMAZING. Before the film began we also were given a 3D trailer for a digital 3D film "A Christmas Carol". The snow effects were cool. What was also really cool was the iMax logo animation (which was in 3D). Massive text and numbers flying towards you is really scary, but SO COOL. When the death-eaters are flying around London destroying the bridge etc, cause the screen was so big (it fills the whole human vision) it gave me and some of my friends motion sickness (me being a person who doesn't get sick on rides etc.).

Anyway! On Saturday me and Laura went to London Film and Comic Con. I spent too much money (AGAIN) and we accidentally got the wrong train, so we arrived earlier than expected (LOL). Even though I was tired out from the day before, I managed to stay awake for nearly the whole day - which was awesome because.... I got to meet Vic Mignogna! Wooht! Now I know that for americans, the idea of Vic at a convention is nothing new and exciting, but obviously Vic only makes rare visits to UK cons, so I was really excited. The queue for his autograph took AGES though because he was being so nice and talking to people, having his photo taken, doing phone calles etc. I got his autograph and had my photo taken (stubbly face!). He's not that much taller than me (tee hee). We also went to his panel, which was funny. He's such a nice smiley guy. And he told us that he's gonna be Ed for Fma: Brotherhood (yayz). He was gonna show us 'Full Metal Fantasy' (a fan film him and other voice actors from FMA had made) but the show was very un-teched out, so he couldn't show us (MEH!).

Phew... I'm tired out now... Videos to follow at some point...
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Hi guys! I've JUST finished watching 'Mononoke' (not to be confused with Princess Mononoke, the Studio Ghibli movie). I'm trying to think of what to say... It certainly was unusual. Very unusual. Different to anything I've seen so far. Some of the aspects of the show were actually quite freaky and there were times I didn't, but did, want to see what happened next. The anime was unusual for many reasons:

The art style: LOVED IT. The colours, the flowing movements, the jerky mouth movements and the texture (made to look like old paper).

The set-up: the series was set into a series of arcs, most being more than one episode long. The main character, (refered to as Kusuriuri-san (meaning medicine seller)) takes a 'back-seat' if you like to the other characters, focusing on their actions and mistakes.

The length: Only twelve episodes long (excluding the three episodes of the 'Ayakashi' anime which Mononoke is a spin-off of).

The main character: Like I said, the main character is un-named. We learn nothing of his past, why he does what he does etc. etc. That's probably why I find him so different to most anime characters.

Mononoke is definately NOT an anime for everyone. If, like me, you yearn for something completely against the norm, and have an interest in Japanese legends, history, etc, you'll LOVE this (and if your a girl you'll probably love Kusuriuri-san - his character design is gorgeous!)

I really do get through a lot of anime series these days... I'll have to check my list of stuff-to-watch... Anyone got any ideas?
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25 June 2009 @ 03:34 pm
Hi guys! Thought I'd post stuffs here. I'm actually watching quite a few anime at the mo' - I'm usually very bad at keeping up with more recent stuff (I usually end up watching them five years later XD):

xxxHolic Shunmuki (the RAW's been released, so it should be subbed soon - yayz!)
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (why have funimation region-locked their video portal?! I can't watch any videos there anymore! AGH!)
Axis Powers Hetalia (nope, I haven't read the webcomic)
Tsubasa Chronicles season two

Also, I just watched "The Last Airbender" movie trailer... I liked the fire-nation ships at least... Watch here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/movie-trailers/403089/the-last-airbender.jhtml#id=1614418

Got a media presentation on monday and a movie to film and edit before July the 15th. Going to London Film and Comic Con and possibly a secret exciting thing.... (to do with Harry Potter)

See ya! :D
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