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19 July 2009 @ 11:25 am
WOOHT - Craziest weekend ever  
So - hi guys! Yet ANOTHER random jurnal. My weekend has been mental! On Friday it was the last day of school (YAHOO!) so after school was done we went to macdonalds for lunch etc. Then we went to the Birmingham iMax to see Harry Potter (for those who don't what iMax is, it's a MASSIVE cinema screen (the biggest in the world) with high quality sound). The beginning of the film had been filmed in 3D exclusively for iMax - it was AMAZING. Before the film began we also were given a 3D trailer for a digital 3D film "A Christmas Carol". The snow effects were cool. What was also really cool was the iMax logo animation (which was in 3D). Massive text and numbers flying towards you is really scary, but SO COOL. When the death-eaters are flying around London destroying the bridge etc, cause the screen was so big (it fills the whole human vision) it gave me and some of my friends motion sickness (me being a person who doesn't get sick on rides etc.).

Anyway! On Saturday me and Laura went to London Film and Comic Con. I spent too much money (AGAIN) and we accidentally got the wrong train, so we arrived earlier than expected (LOL). Even though I was tired out from the day before, I managed to stay awake for nearly the whole day - which was awesome because.... I got to meet Vic Mignogna! Wooht! Now I know that for americans, the idea of Vic at a convention is nothing new and exciting, but obviously Vic only makes rare visits to UK cons, so I was really excited. The queue for his autograph took AGES though because he was being so nice and talking to people, having his photo taken, doing phone calles etc. I got his autograph and had my photo taken (stubbly face!). He's not that much taller than me (tee hee). We also went to his panel, which was funny. He's such a nice smiley guy. And he told us that he's gonna be Ed for Fma: Brotherhood (yayz). He was gonna show us 'Full Metal Fantasy' (a fan film him and other voice actors from FMA had made) but the show was very un-teched out, so he couldn't show us (MEH!).

Phew... I'm tired out now... Videos to follow at some point...
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