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28 December 2009 @ 08:10 pm
Right now I wish I hadn't deleted all the Doctor Who footage I'd ripped from DVDs (yes - I'm a melon I know!). Trouble is there isn't enough room on my external hard drive for anime footage AND Doctor Who episodes. My laptop hard drive is also stuffed, so I can't put stuff there. I suppose I could do a silly thing of having two external drives - one marked 'Anime' and the other 'Doctor Who' XD.

I really want to do some editing! But this holiday is amazingly busy...

University interviews next month AND we're meant to be filming our documentary... sigh...

CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY: DOCTOR WHO - Tennant's last OMGgijsxldslg! I've never speculated so much about what is going to happen before. I haven't gone hunting for spoilers though (though I have heard rumours etc and accidentally looked at two filming photographs which gave A LOT away - but I still don't know what's going to happen exactly). Most people on the internets didn't seem to like End of Time part one, and although I do think it was hard to keep track of (with lots of different sub plots etc.) I did like it - very exciting! I'm DEFINATELY going to cry - quite possibly as much as Doomsday, as long as RTD doesn't anger me like he did with the series four ending (which I didn't cry at - I was too annoyed at what happened with Rose/Doctor2 - as in, the fact that Rose chose him instead of the realDoc).

Anyway! Series four ending rantage aside, I really want another weeks holiday!
Hope you all enjoy WHO on friday!!
P.S - I might even do a 'reaction' video. That's be fun - probably just me with a wet and red face, still in a state of shock/horror/anger/depression etc. :P
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