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02 May 2010 @ 02:50 pm
Hi guys! I'm just posting a Doctor Who series five theory dump before I forget (and so, later, I can see if any of them came true!):

River kills the Doctor (because she has to/is forced to) - possibly his final regeneration - which is when he tells her his real name (since in one of the Library episodes Ten said something like: 'You know my name. There's only one time I'd tell someone that'). River ends up as the Doctor's wife.

Amy is a strange event - possibly an alien. Her child will be important later on (but who's the daddy?). The crack is 'following' her - to see if she's safe? to try and erase her? is anyone from 'the other side' trying to reach her? Will we find anything out about her parents - or has that been wiped from her memory too?

In the vampire episode (next week!) the Doctor takes Amy and her fiance to Venice for a romantic holiday (to try and make them a more lovey-dovey couple so that they do actually get married), BUT he takes them to the wrong time. Amy and her fiance do get closer, BUT (and it's a biggie) the Doctor takes them back to their present time AFTER their wedding, which means they miss it (which is why Amy ends up hating the Doctor so much).

The Cybermen are going to be in the final - they could be behind the crack business and/or the fact that things are being forgotten - i.e. if people forget the Daleks it will seem like the Cybermen are the supreme aliens. (Also I swear I keep seeing the Cybermen logo popping up - it was in Flesh and Stone somewhere...)

The 'Pandorical' instantly made me think of Pandoras box - but that seems way too literal for DW, so maybe it's a space ship? a crack in time? the TARDIS? I dunno, this is all VERY wild speculation, but it's great fun!

Does the Doctor love Amy in anyway? What makes her special? (there's been lots of kissy-forehead business!).
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