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Here I am

If copyright didn't exist I'd be making t-shirts

Girl. Now an adult. Should be planning for the future. Creative. Experimental. Will try pretty much anything. Loves to be spontaneous. Watches little T.V (apart from Doctor Who, Top Gear, Have I Got News for you, Merlin, and random stuffs, such as Harry Hill or Miranda). Uses YouTube instead. Noob cosplayer. Has yet to make clothes with swanky new sewing machine. Doesn't care about facebook. Loves receiving emails. Buys too much from amazon.co.uk. Very much an anime fan. Loves listening to new music. If I had all the time in the world, or could live my life again, I'd be a - dancer, singer, actress, swimmer. Art and music are my passions. I wish I had more confidence. I love Doctor Who. David Tennant. Link. I fancy too many fictional characters, probably more so than people in real life. I miss being in love. I love my family. I wish my life was different, but then again I know we're never happy with what we have. God is a true presence in my life, though I don't have a church. I try not to hate. The internet is my escape. I love stories, poetry, drama, and fantasy. I'm too hairy. The future scares me. I find it easier to write down how I feel. I like working hard. I like to write. I love singing loudly in the kitchen. My hair has been black, blue, and red. I'm doing BA Illustration degree at University. :D

Friend me if ya'd like.